Friday, May 4, 2007


All world's an exam hall
and all men and women merely questions
they have choices and answers
and one man, i his life faces many questions
his life being the question paper!

que 1: by the infant?

why am i so small when all the others are so big?i mean, it's ok, they carry me and all. but why do they have to saythings like.."diddy jeeju..".."dju ywu waunt momma to feedj djyuu??"i mean, they talk quite alright when they talk to each other.. oh look..there it goes.. why is she taking such a long time to get me my diapers?"MOM..." of course, she doesnt understand! "waaa... waa... booooo..."

que 2: by theWhining school boy?

.. and she gets paid for just asking questions that we can't answer!and why does he have to reduce marks for handwriting? i mean.. i can says.. well.. it says something.. atleast! mom is so nice.. why can't dad be the same too? oh.. alright.. i leaver the class.. oh no.. and why does this principal has to come aroundonly when i am being sent out?... "aah.. ouch.. sorry sir.."

que 3: by the lover?

why cant she spend for a change? ok.. she need not spend.. i mean she can atleast eat order less... "yeah?.. what day is tomorrow? ..hmm.. thursday?..oh.. sorry..hmm.." now what the hell of a day is tomorrow? "yeah.. yeah.. i am thinking...".. don't tell meit's u'r birthday.. i just spent all my savings last week over u'r perfume.. "honey.. please..""what? chintu's birthday? and you want a party? ....u want a party for u'r dog's birthday"?

que 4: by the soldier?

why cant this bloke just shut up? now the other one has started too... and here comesthe orders..."yes sir"!

que 5: by the justice?

".. yes.. u wnat me to sign?.. ok.." why cant these people do this without me? i hope he has the same lunch as yeterday..mmm... and this phone... "yes? u'r mom is coming? why"?

que 6: by the pantaloon?

brats... they keep getting smaller each day.. why cant they just sit and watch TV? there goes my stick.. " give it back.. this instant.." midjets!

que 7: by the second childhood?

?? ??? ???? ?????? ???????

-----------------------THE END-----------------------------


aishwarya said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Come on! Dont tell me a real lover wd think like tht! :) Nice one...


suryash said...

ha..ha.. tht was a typical u!
nice one!

Matangi Mawley said...

lovers may nt think tht way.. ;)

Matangi Mawley said...

thnk u!

suar said...

good post.. the lover one was interesting..

Matangi Mawley said...

thnk u!

ishqia said...

wierd.. but i had fun reading the lovers part..

Matangi Mawley said...


:) tnx..