Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The dusk was a rage of red

And melted away, was gold

The breeze was a welcome bliss

But in came a cruel cold.

The sun was away for a while

Stars, waiting for the moon

The sky was an empty heart

Oh Night! Be here soon.

Through the gray, gold and red

Fluttered a little lone bird

"Where were his friends"? I wondered

And it seemed, for a moment- he heard.

"What had kept you back?

Why did you wait so long?

Is it for a grain of rice?

Or some poet's sad- bird song?

You flutter as you fight with the breeze

Your wings growing tired as I see

What had kept you back- waiting?

While you watched your friends fly, free?

Fly home safe, little bird

Worry not, for the grain of rice

Your little ones wait for you, back home

Keep them safe from a world of lies.

Return to them, help them live

Return to them, to life

For rice is rice, and song- a song

But life- not something rife"!

He fluttered along- soon, was gone

The sky now dark- an empty space,

I closed my eyes, to feel through the sky

And I found his little wings' pace.

He was home, he was safe

That was all, I needed to know

The night was here- and so was the cold

"Au Revoir, little bird- for now, I must go"...


Maddy said...


Very Nice Poem. I have your blogpost in my reader and was reading your intermittently.

Have a great day. Keep the wings flying.

Bikramjit said...

lovely picture i must say ..

and the lines that follow it are beautiful.

sad about the lone bird... and all the struggle it needs to go throught to feed the young ones .. and keep them safe from the big bad cruel world ..
same as human life


RamMmm said...

Inspired by a sparrow flitting outside your home someday in the evening??? Nice moody one. :-)

priyaa iyer said...


Amazing lines!
Love this poem.