Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Out peeked a fresh, new Earth. Just born out of the Night's womb. The Earth, blessed now, by the trees and the sky. The holy waters adorning the new born Earth. The Earth today, is going to see things that no Earth before has ever seen! The mother Night, leaves off in search of food for it's new born Earth while the father- Day, greets his offspring, his pride showering his daughter with a mighty golden ray of light! His daughter would change the dark past. The Darkness that had consumed her sisters. But she would change it all. She would see a new day. He would make sure of that! He would not let the Darkness consume her. He would not let him take his daughter away!

The new Earth awoke. She opened her beautiful eyes. She saw her father, her divine face glowing with the light from his pride. Her tender surface is strengthened by his dreams. She smiles at him and gets ready for her journey towards a new world. She brings together the strength of her hope and the dreams of her father- the new Day! She steps into the new day- with new tales to tell.

Nature welcomes the new Earth. New birds and new trees, new brooks and new streams. And nature sings to the new Earth, new songs of hope. The Day watched with joy, his daughter blooming into a woman- he glows his might- and keeps her from harm. The sun shining right on her, the Day preserves his prize. For the new Earth was now a woman, her beauty now seamless- and glowing hot with her father's care. In his cocoon, was her safety. For her beauty, he felt, would lure the Darkness. The Day did not want the Dark to see her. He burned and burned, all day long- keeping away the Dark, the Dark who had taken away his daughters before. What would he say to the Night, his wife? He would not let the Dark near his daughter. He would burn him away- thought Day, the father, in rage.

The Day burned and burned. But there was no sign of the Dark. The father felt his joy- that knew no limits! For he would now have his daughter, with him, forever! His rage now ebbing away, he waited for his wife, the Night. But out of nowhere- came the Dark! Strong and powerful he struck the Day hard. Day, the father- thus taken by the Dark- his blood painted the skies red. In his blood, blushed the new Earth. The Dark was a man, so cold. He spread his cool arms- on the new Earth. The Earth, melted away at his touch. And in a moment, she was his. The Dark consumed her, and hid her away.

Mother Night, returned with the stars. The stars would be her daughter's food. She searched and searched but her daughter was nowhere to be found! She cursed herself for going away. She turned now to the Moon. She pleaded him to help. The Night promised that she would be his, if he helped her find her daughter, the Earth. The Moon agreed, and he shone his brightness upon everything his hands touched. He searched through the night's sorrow, still the Earth was nowhere. And suddenly the moon's hands, touched upon the Darkness, himself!

The helpless night- wailed away her sorrow. Her tears washing away the Earth beneath the darkness!

The Dawn arrived and the new Day pecked on his wife's cheeks. There would be a new Earth, again- he promised her and embraced. And through the Night's tears and the Dawn's hope- Out peeked a fresh, new Earth...

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Bikramjit said...

quite phylosophical this one ..
you have described all phases of the day pretty nicely in context to a maybe human day tooo