Sunday, April 22, 2018


I sat in my room, thinking about what could be the worst thing that could happen if I don't continue to blog. The answer was- Nothing. The world would just move on with one less "blogger". Blogger? I think I can call myself one. Been doing this since 2006 after all! But the essence of this blog has changed over the years. So have I, I suppose. For instance, let's take this picture of a flower I clicked a couple of days ago.

Had it been the older me, I would have penned down a poetry on those flowers. Or about my coming across those flowers. Or about how the leaves are left unnoticed because of the flowers. But now, the most thought I had about this image was- whether I should get an Instagram account or not! No, I didn't get an Insta account, if you're wondering about that. Not yet, anyway. Had I thought this way back then, my older self would've hated it! I guess I'm more open to the mundane now. I consider this a great progress. 

The older self would have never approved of this random rambling. There was a need to have a definite thought process and an urge to end it well. The older me, wanted the thought to end. I guess I have become more casual these days. I have thoughts. I don't feel the necessity for them to end. They get archived somewhere and recur when something related to that happens again. 

This picture happened 2 months back. I had a thought on how I should never go on elephant safaris again. And today, I had just the same thought and imagined this picture without the people on top of the elephant. Perhaps, I would think more on the same topic in future. 

Even as I wrote that sentence, "I should never go"- I begin to think that the present- day me, does not believe much in such type of declarations. There are always possibilities of strangeness happening. I am open to that now. 

I think we all reach that point in time in our lives when we begin to perceive ourselves differently. This is a great exercise in self-realisation. I can see myself to be more open to change- both in myself and in others around me. This is a huge achievement for me. 

I would have never left a post unfinished before...

I'm a little scared of butterflies these days!

On that thought, let me try leaving this post "unfinished"...


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