Tuesday, October 3, 2006


My heart is as white as-
a newly sewn shroud
the setting sun is smiling at me-
my closed eyes remain closed-
it's stories remain untold
the night awaits my return.
the silence if my lips
remain intact
no one to make it talk.
hands folded, legs tied-
not anymore could i walk.
cold air, out there-
awaits my return to the worlds deep-
weightless- i float, i fly;
to that mystic land- on i leap
there.. i see it..over there..
that source of eternal light,
let me be here forever..or i might..


animisha said...

gal i never knw u have such a grt talent......u rock......

divya said...

I guess ur speaking about eternal peace in this poem... am i right?? Well to say the truth the poem intrigues me someway... I can't put my finger on anything...