Saturday, November 18, 2006


Piles of books, lay untouched,
yet, time ticking away
closed ears, mouth open
reciting some dull essay!
days of inactivity
shatter my brains
dawns the day before the exams
red eyes, with blackened borders,
I see the clock," stop! oh time"!
"Stop! oh time! From where did you come?
Who called you here?"
I shout-
But i'm so foolish,
for it'd always been there
for everyone to see, but me.
Hills of snow, rivers that flow,
chirping birds and rain...
"NO..NO..NO..No, not now.."
I stop my thoughts, with pain!
The syllabus book mocks at me- and says
"Remember the time.. When u were vain?"
"Lay it off", I shout
But no sound escapes my mouth
And on I read
in that same monolougue,
Only ticks of clock provide pace!
"I won't repeat this", I promise myself,
And it's time, this time, that spoke-
"Remember the time.. When you took this same oath?"
"!" And thus, I made it speak!


Scribbler said...

Could be structured well. There's a lot of scope for improvement:) Good stuff:)

Winnie the poohi said...

Liked it :D
the simplicity with which this has been expressed is really good!

divya said...

good one... it is close to my heart because i understand it completely ;).