Sunday, December 10, 2006


[Flow of concious! Wrote it in an exam hall!]

Chill tides of liquid
sweep through my feet
the cold winds cooling it more
splash mockery at me
stubborn with force
under compulsion
I leap- no
I plunge so deep..
So deep into their hands-
with the gravity pulling me down
And the waters slashing me like swords
I endure-
Into those deep worls unknown-
Bizziare symbols and signs
Walk past my eyes
without entering my mind
The cry of a bell!
Awoke me with with a start!
"Oh no! I got two more pages to fill"!
I scribble a few symbols
On those pages-fresh and white
The colour of peace
Drenched in ink
I finally let it slip
Off my hands
Into those hands unknown-
Peace at last..
I realize; finally-
Oh! I know not to swim!

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Scribbler said...

Good one. Keep it rolling;)