Saturday, January 13, 2007


...And he speaks on and on. I think it was Physics.. coz everything is, but about physics!

It was the first hour. I liked it, my classroom..especially, my place. I usually sit near the window( ofcourse, if my bench mates allow me to..that is to say, when they are in good mood or when they do not have other work to do..). It keeps me connected with the "Earth". "Now where was I"?

So, this "sir" was explaining something that firmly refused to enter into my brain. And so, on that day, I was virtually "out-of-bussiness"!

I was looking out, through the window..It looked like, as if someone had decorated the earth with green velvet carpets. The weather was just fine for someone with a creative mind.

I was walking through those fields..The grasses were tall and young dew drops were sticking on to them, as if they seeked their protection against some evil force! Chill breeze, brushed my hair, as it walked past me.. I smiled.. The clear sky, neither blue, nor gray, sang a melifluous tune to accompany the cry of birds...

....."You! Third bench, last girl...Stand Up"!


Such art I said...

Reminds me of the time I got so involved in the affairs of a squirrel outside my window in a Chemistry class that I laughed in glee when the young one finally managed to take her first leap up a tree! That my Chemistry teacher came to investigate and also burst out in laughter at its antics is a different story altogether!

Matangi Mawley said...


:) now tht i read this post.. i m gettin this post of mine.. i m gettin reminded of Tare zameen Par!