Friday, May 4, 2007


The lands and the skies
both seem alike
with no turns nor bends parting ways
the sands and the waters
affect me alike
their heat and chill into the same chase
there is no destination
nor is there a journey
and no one to travel with me
yet, i walk into those endless roads
through sands, waters and rocks
with no one, but hope, in me.
there is no air
nor is there any life
and no one to survive, but me
the words keep flowing
in no proper format
i know not how to stop them
i can't stop writing
as i can't stop thinking
so i wouldn't stop here, but pause!


Anonymous said...

hope....drives us..
thoughts make us run :)!

nice journey!

and mind if i say something? incrrease the font na a lil bit, a lil hard to read..... :)

Matangi Mawley said...

thnk u!

curryegg said...

Hi matangi mawley, thx for dropping by my blogs. And you have a nice poem here.
You wont feel lonely to walk on the road/path that you've choosed. You're always company by us here. you'll never fell lonely... I'll support you here. Good luck!! :D

Matangi Mawley said...

thnk u!

Arun The Apocalypse said...
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Arun The Apocalypse said...

So u hav started blogging.I hav also started but a bginner.anyway articles r nice.

INDR's Angels said...

u should never stop, as the poetry lovers would miss your writes.
i am honoured that you commented
on my blog.

Matangi Mawley said...

thnk u!

@indr's angel..

pleasure is all mine..
thnk u for the comments.. m really flattered!

descrying the shadows said...

"there is no destination
nor is there a journey"
"nor is there any life
and no one to survive, but me
but dont u have to find a destination to survive..?
for what is life if not a struggle we have to undertake on our own..
I will draw a rather strange but apt analogy here of life as a two wheeler, say a bike.. and u are its driver and everyone else you come across in your life is your pullion rider..
while the pullion gives you company ,all he can do is make you loose control ..but only you can balance the vehicle ..he cant ..its beyond his power..
and without a destination if you keep wandering then one day you will be out of gas and stuck and hope..well it will be yet another pullion rider stuck with you..
what do you think..?

Matangi Mawley said...

it wasnt me actually.. it was my mind.. i wasnt sure abt wht i was thinking.. the thoughts were so random.. no begining .. no end..
"I".. here is my mind.. as the title says.. it was nt my journey bt my mind's..
well u'r "two-wheeler" theory was really good! there was a song in sme very old tamil movie- the song would be filled with questions like.. can the legs go where the eyes lead them to? can the mind go where the legs lead them to? can the human go where his mind leads him to? etc.. it was a beautiful song.. u'r two wheeler reminded me of tht song!

a good traveller doesnt plan his trip.. while a wise man would always plan his life.. thts wht i think!

ishqia said...

great.. good wrok there.. very smooth flow

Matangi Mawley said...