Wednesday, February 3, 2010


2010 began without much ado. There was nothing new. No excitement. Just a normal humdrum that felt extraordinary, just because the calender read "January 01 2010"! Is that fine? Could that be called normal? Yes. It was. For I am not someone who does things just because everyone else does that thing. But yes. I wanted something to happen this new year. Something creative. Genuine. That which I can call a "New Beginning".

"Maiththulikal"! (Ink drops...)

This thought came up on a dull Sunday evening, while I was frustrated about ... many things! The idea was simple. It would be a tamil blog. But the major factor there was- quality! I've had a minimal formal tamil education. I have read no books that are tamil. Listened though, to my mom reading out tamil stories. I enjoy the sound of the language. Never found patience nor the skills required to read the language!

Then why a blog in tamil?

It's an experiment. I wanted to attempt writing in tamil- so that, I test myself on the language. It would be a test- to prove to myself, basically, that a formal education in any language, is not what is required to kindle interest in the same. It would not be an attempt to honour the language or give life to one of the world's oldest languages! I am not interested in such things. It's a blog, which is in tamil, and which is written by me. My words. My thoughts. My inkdrops...

So, those of you, out there- the ones who can manage reading tamil!

Do visit my tamil blog-

Welcome all...!


Priya said...

Good Luck on your new blog and keep penning.

Indrajit said...

I am sure the blog wd be as superb as this one. Only if I cud have understood the language. :)

V Mawley said...

I am indeed very happy to see that you have started a Tamil Blog.. I am sure this practice will help you hone your competence in tamil-writing... But try to read great tamil writers like Jayakanthan, Thi.Janakiraman. Ku.Azhagisamy, Sundara Ramasamy (La.Sa.Ramaamritham)-atleast one short story per week...?Kalki is agreat Novelist , but nowadays, you may not be able to spare time to read bulki novels.. Good-luck...Mali

henry J said...

unga blog romba nalla iruku
(`*•.¸(`*•.¸ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´)

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IamtheEyeofGod said...

At times a small step can take you farther than a leap...... :D

Nile said...

nice one .... keep bloging