Sunday, June 6, 2010


Urmi was packing her things. Parth lay there, as he watched her struggle with the suit case, trying to lock it down, smiling to himself. Urmi noticed it.

"You are really enjoying this, aren't you"? she asked him, annoyed.

"You just look good when you are.. you know.. like this", he replied, smiling at her annoyance.

"Parth, I really don't get how you are going to manage this! But I want you at my place this 26th! No matter what happens"! said Urmi, with a finality.

Parth got up and sat up right on the bed. He looked deep in thought.

"Urmi, see- even if I start on 25th night, I don't know...", he began.

"How do I look to you"? asked Urmi, angrily.

"As beautiful as ever", replied Parth, smiling!

Urmi threw a pillow at him.

"You know long it took me to convince papa about you?! After such a long time, they have finally agreed to see you! What will they think if you don't turn up.." she continued, angrily.

"Relax! I would be there! promise! Now, travel safe. Make sure, you call me once you reach there..", Parth replied.

Urmi looked thoughtful, for sometime. Then she said, in a totally different tone.

"Parth, there is something, I should tell you. I have been thinking about telling you that for a long time. But.. I felt it would be better to tell about it to you, once to come to my home. May be if you saw.."

"Urmi! You have never asked anything about my past for the past two years we have known each other. Trust me, I don't..", replied Parth.

"No.. this is not about me.. There is something else.. Fine, anyway- will tell you once you come there.. Bye! See you soon.."

And Urmi left for her home, waving him a good-bye!


Parth boarded the bus to Goa. His mind was full of dreams about his long planned life with Urmi. They had known each other for the past two years. And they had both felt that it was time to take their relationship to the next level. She was all that Parth needed to complete his life. She brought him out of the shell, into which he had been put into by someone whom he did not wish to remember anymore.

The bus stopped all of a sudden. The conductor announced that there was a small problem with the bus and it would take them an hour to get the bus to start again.

Parth got out of the bus along with others. There were a group of college students who in the bus, along with him. Looking at them, Parth couldn't help, but think of the unthinkable.


"Parth... PARTH.. Stop! Listen to me.. For a minute.. ", she came running behind him.

Parth kept walking without looking back. He could not, not ever look into her eyes again. Those eyes, had betrayed his trust. He had given her all his love that he had ever felt. But she had not cared for it. His broken heart, made him think of things that he had never thought about in his life before.

"Parth! I did not betray you.. It's all a lie! I wrote no letters to him. He's lying! You can trust him and not ME? Parth.. WAIT! Listen...", she came along, shouting.

All the people in the corridor were pausing to watch. And that was when he lost control over himself. He turned back to look at her. For the last time. And spoke-

"Listen to what, Rukmi? To your lies? I would have not trusted him with those letters.. Had I not seen you both..", he could not say more.

Rukmi's eyes were full of tears, that failed bring out any emotion but anger in Parth.

"Parth.. I'd rather die than betray you..", sobbed Rukmi.

"Which movie dialogue is that Rukmi? I know you are an all damn actress. You have been, all this while two-timing me with him! You know what is that called? You..."


Why was he even thinking about all these things? Parth boarded the bus again. He had now, only the future to think about. Nothing else. He needed to leave behind all his negativity.


He waited anxiously for someone to open the door.

Urmi was glowing. He had never seen her so beautiful ever before.

"Hi..", she said, smiling. And she took him inside her home.

She introduced him to her parents. They were as good Urmi. And Parth could say that they were impressed by him.


It was a pleasant day, that glided towards the evening. Parth and Urmi were walking along, hand-in-hand in the market. Urmi looked thoughtful. Parth was smiling to himself.

"I think it went well, don't you think so?", said Parth.

"Hmm..", said Urmi.

"Cheer up! What are you thinking about, right now"? asked Parth, cheerfully.

Urmi replied, "Parth, you remember when I was leaving for Goa the other day, I said I wanted to tell you something"?

Parth slowly replied, "..yes.. what about that"?

"Well, Parth- You should know that I have a sister", said Urmi.

Parth looked at her surprised!

"What? You never said.. But I didn't see her at your place! Hiding her are you? Jealous that I would go after her...?" said Parth , teasingly.

Urmi looked little worried.

"No. Parth, she doesn't live with us. She's.. Well, I think, now that you are part of family, you should know..", said Urmi.

"Know what, Urmi"? asked Parth.

"Something happened to her Parth. When she was at college.. Even I don't know what happened. Some of her friends told me, later. She loved a person. And he did not trust her. And in front of everyone, he called her something that a person would think a million times, before saying it, even when one is alone! She could not tolerate it.. And.. She..", Urmi started sobbing.

Parth looked at her desperately. She did not know what effect this information was having on him. He began, "Urmi.."

"Parth..", said Urmi, sobbing, ".. Parth.. Rukmi.. is now insane.."

Parth stood there, like a huge tree, that was totally uprooted.. looking helplessly at the sobbing Urmi..


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Very well written.

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@ amber light...

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Oh flip! :-(

Quite a story. Also (P.S), love the new theme!

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nice one.

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what to do preethi.. !? :(

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Nalla twist story-la!

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New profile theme nalla irukku

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Sensed a twist in the third para, but nevertheless, well written. Some people are prisoners of their own actions.

And your new blogger theme is bright and inviting as opposed to the dark themes on which you write. :-)

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Why it always has to be sad:))

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this is a very good question! :D