Thursday, July 1, 2010


It was not entirely a question of just being doing nothing. It was more like a space given to you, where you are paid for not corrupting things that are working fine. So- here I was, a loyal employee of this great organization- doing my duty with most sincerity and dedicating all my useful time for the benefit of entire mankind!

This was when, I realized that- I was being so concerned about the world around me- that I was becoming incapable of thinking about myself! This self-realization was a great blow to me. And I somehow needed to get out of this "being selfless" mode!

I needed to turn myself around!


After turning myself around- I remain just the same!

Me- the selfless!


V Mawley said...

I am surprised to find that you have succeeded in making
an ambigram of your name ; while I appreciate your toil,
( did I read about ambigram in Angels and Demons ? ) the short accompanying presentation where you have tried to analyze your mind-process, is both
light and heavy, simple and complicated at the same time – which often
characterizes your writing style ..Congrts…

Matangi Mawley said...

@ pop..

wow!!! thanks!!!! :) :)