Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The distant land of riches
The prince, the horse and the breeze
White swan, peacock feathers
Soft pink silk, that grazes over skin.

Roses, sandal, saffron, jasmine
Emerald, pearls, diamonds, rubies
The harp that plays a tune
The tune, from a forgotten dream.

Looking out the window
Those smiling and giggling maids
The girls who never grew old-
Teasing about some Prince Charming.

Palaces, kings and scheming ministers,
Royal messengers and secret messages
The war, the spies;
Brave queens of the fallen king.

The tunnel that lead to the temple
Magician and his flying carpet
Caves haunted by demons and ghosts
A Lotus, that ate human children.

A drop of liquid to bring back the dead
Prince who turns into a parrot at dusk
Princesses singing, and sighing in moonlight;
Monkeys and tigers- nurturing the princess.

Forests protecting the royal bloodline
Loyal servants of the rightful masters
That moment- when the truth is revealed;
Revenge, courage and victory over the lost lands.

Granny's stories- and living a dream,
The few minutes of getting lost-
In that incredible land of stories;
Oh! What a bliss- was that childhood!

1 comment:

V Mawley said...

வாழ்கையில் திரும்பிப்பார்க்கும் நிகழ்வுகள் யாவுமே , கவிதைகளே !

All nostalgia are lyrical , no doubt; really good; I enjoyed reading your recollections; also inevitably vividly re-living the moments , when I watched you,sitting in front of your grandma mesmerized / and transfixed...