Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The pain of thoughtlessness. The agony of losing everything. The plunging of the dagger of loss; the pain ceases to cause tears. Looking back at all that had passed- it solves no purpose. Its again those voices in despair- crying out for help. Neighbors fighting with neighbors. No one knows when it all began. It had been there- it had not been. It had become a habit, as normal as the sleep or yawn. 

There are no destinations. The smoke and the fire bids adieu. To which land should we go? Where is the land that can welcome the ones who had left their homes behind? Would the new land welcome us? One does not know. Just as one does not know why one had to leave one's home behind.

The land is alien. Who are these people trying to help- one wonders! There are so many, yet so few people here. Friends and brothers- dead. Children- dead. No one knows why. They say, there are people who have come to see the camps. Who are these people? There are promises all around. There are some people with cameras. They run from one corner to the other with those cameras. One can never understand what they talk about. Who are they talking to? Who watches from behind those cameras? Can they see us all? Can they hear us?

Can these people with camera see the children playing around? These people and those who promise us about 'hope' and 'future'- can they explain these children, why they had to leave their homes? Who are those behind the camera? Are there some people watching? Like the God Almighty watches us all from above- they, the one's behind camera- can they see what we cannot see? Can they hear us? Can they answer us?

Wake up to Assam, India! 

Over 4 lakh people are displaced from their homes. And the numbers who are dead are still coming in. Some say it were the Bodos who ignited the lantern first. Some blame the "immigrants". Wake up India! For once you do, there would not be any Bodos or Muslims. There would be just- Humans.

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Bikramjit said...

IF ONLY.. IF ONLY we looked at other as a human rather then look at color-creed-RELIGION-caste etc etc

people are too busy moaning about themself they forget their are people who are in wrose conditions


sury Siva said...

Wake up India !
That is a clarion call no doubt.
But I also doubt whether the concerned would respond.
I have come to this blog though not for the first time, this time, seeing your comments there. I had posted my request in your other blog.
Pl. let me know your response.My email id is
subbu rathinam
R U still at Tiruchy ?