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[After reading my post "Anonymous", some readers felt that a sequel to it would really appeal. But, I personally felt that it was just right the way it was. Later, I thought, why not? I had never written a sequel before to any of my stories. I always struggle to end it, and just end it. So, this is my first attempt at writing a sequel. Hope it's all right!]

"Anamika murdered"..

"He was found dead by...."

"Sumit's relatives, refuse to.."

"... the police have nothing to give us, yet. Jeyant Mishra, with camera man ..."

Patil was exhausted. He swtiched off the television. He had never handled such a bizarre case before! His meeting with the commissioner that morning had been pathetic.

".. murder weapon is a Chef's knife. A carbon steel one. The damages are more for the tang had become loose just as the knife.."

"We don't want u'r theory Patil. We want- Who"?

"We are working on it.."

Patil opened his eyes. He saw the file marked "ANAMIKA" right on top. He reached for it.

Sumit had been quite a successful lawyer, well liked by his colleagues and clients, married, no children, he had been living alone, though, for the past three years.

Patil encircled the word "alone" and wrote "?" over it. He read on.

Since one week before his murder, Sumit had attended nearly four official parties. During one such party, he had drunk heavily and had to be escorted back home by some colleague.

An alchoholic writer? Patil chuckled. He imagined the media's reactions over it!

The pages were full of names of his clients, their addresses.. Patil shut the file.

He knew two facts about the murder. one. The murderer wasn't a proffessional. Two. There had been a very strong reason behind it. Patil had reasons to believe these two facts. The murder was not perfect. The tang of the knife had come off the handle. The murderer had left the blade behind.

Secondly, the murderer had tried to leave behind a message. Over Sumit's corpse, a page from a very old diary had been intentionally placed. The writing over it, read the name "ANAMIKA". Also, the knife had been plunged with such force into Sumit, only a man who has been saturated with anger could have done it.

The telephone rang. He had been expecting this call. He listened attentively. His eyes shrunk and bulged as he listened. He put the receiver down.

Sumit's ancestral home. Wasn't very big, but he certainly had a big family. Patil spoke to the widow, first.

Sumit and his wife had been living together only for about a year. Sumit was alchoholic and almost constantly abused his wife. So, her in-laws brought her back to their ancestral home. No one in his family had ever tried contacting him since then. Next, Patil spoke to Sumit's father.

Commissioner was shocked. "Are you sure, Patil"?

"Sir, Sumit's father claims that as a young man, Sumit was never remotely interested in writing. Infact, he was never very good in any of his subjects. Some of his friends from college too, share the same view about him, as his father.Next, the hand writing on the page from the diary and that of Sumit's do not match. The writing on the diary is a few years old.

I tried contacting "The Messiah". The editor says, that Sumit came to his office a few days back and showed him the diary- saying that it was a collection of his works. Which was when, he also gave the editor, his next story in person, which was again from the diary..

I inquired the watchman of Sumit's building about the visitors he met that day. He showed me the register he maintains with the visitors' names on it. And I found this"..

Patil spread open the register. One of its recent entries read- ANAMIKA..

"And this writing, matches with the one on the diary". Finished Patil.

".. So he was a fraud, then! He was never the writer"!

"I am not sure about that, yet. But I ask you, not to reveal this to anyone until we find the person behind all this.. "

".. Patil, you may leave".

Patil was exhausted. He was also, frustrated. He had one chance. But now, he lost it. There was no hope.

".. the lawyer, is after all, not Anamika, announced the Commissioner, today.."

"... shocking truth. Let's hear what the fans here have got to say on this.."

"... they call it a betrayal of their trust. With camera man.."

Joy switched off the television. He looked at the diary he was holding. He turned its pages; his words, his thoughts. A few pages left blank towards the end- he took a pen and wrote:

"The few pages of Anamika"...

(To be continued..)


Rajesh said...

wow!!! really're truly the Indian Agatha Christie...keep mesmerizing people with such wonderful stories... Hats Off!!!

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u!

Kartz said...

Hey! Not to sound discouraging; I feel it is better off without a sequel.. Nevertheless, good luck with ur endeavour! :)

As for this one? Well... Not as gripping as the first part. But I liked the description of the murder... "Also, the knife had been plunged with such force into Sumit, only a man who has been saturated with anger could have done it." Rage... Strikes a note? ;)


ishqia said...

wow.. going great.. really enjoyed reading that.. hope the next sequel is more good.. now i have got this desire to read further..

Winnie the poohi said...

just amazing!

I want more!

Amber Light said...

Nice spot to stop at!!! Please get the next part out quickly. This is turning out to be great! :)
I like the way you have included the TV clippings. Makes the story pacy.

Matangi Mawley said...


:) didnt i mention tht.. i was really not for a sequel.. i just thought it might be a good experience.. thnk u! :)

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u! :)

Matangi Mawley said...

@winnie the poohi..

thnk u!

Matangi Mawley said...

@amber light..

thnk u! :)

Mann said...


My comment for the first part was, "Quite gripping!! very well written!------ The best thing about the story is that it is complete in itself!"

Now with the sequel it HAS turn out to be a NOVEL!! You know, the layed back kind of novel, where each and every thing is revealed by the author slowly--- no more intriguing and imaginations left for the readers.


Anyway keep it up!!

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u! i really appreciate it..

i never actually like to drag my stories. i try, every time to make my story, complete in itself.. anonymous was one such story.
it was rather close to my heart for, i d never tried a difficult plot such as tht, before. it was, very difficult for me to put tht in words. while as a movie, it would ve been much easier to portray it.

some readers felt like a sequel would be good. no. i never thought so. i dont like my stories big.

but, i thought, a sequel would be a good experience for me. reason was simple. i had always thought tht writing a long story was easier than making it short. but, unless i try writing a longer one, how would i ever know that it is easy, indeed?

so mann, sequel is just my "practice exercise". :)

thnk u so much for tht comment.. i really loved it!

Mann said...

Well I am also of the same opinion which you have already expressed yourself that “writing short story is more difficult than writing a long one”.

In fact, writing a poem is EVEN more difficult!! Do you know why?? Can you express your opinion on this??

I whole heartedly encourage you for your “practice exercise”, but I might add that you should choose your plot accordingly!! I hope you will agree with me---.

As for reader’s request for sequel--- I might say that readers demand to have sequel is like “a small kid asking more and more for his favorite sweet which he likes very much BUT DOES NOT KNOW WHY HE LIKES IT”. And you know we all are like small kids too inside of us!!

I think your readers have enjoyed in the first part of your story the simplicity, the intrigueness and the subtlety in provoking them to imagine. The affect of these “hidden contents of the story” on their mind is so much like their favorite sweet that they could not stop themselves to ask for more!!!!

SO??!!! Do you get what I am saying???

I think you have to act like MOTHER! What do you say???

Could you please send the link to your “Anonymous” story?

I am happy to know that you really loved my comments.


Mann said...
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Preetilata【ツ】 said...

WOWWWW...... its a grt sequel but personaly i feel that d sequel ws not required coz the magic lied in d 1st part itself... igv readers d chance 2 think. but yes its always good 2 gv a try.

u r going great in d sequel part matangi... its gripping... m eagerly waiting 4 d nxt sequel... thoroughly enjoying it.

btwn u r blogrolled.

take care

siddharth said...

yes u r absolutely right .. it is indeed more difficult to write a shorter one .. i am no writer but i understand that.. thats why my offer to you .. i need ur skills to not only frame but also knit various short stories into one.. There is a central theme and there are various stories that add chips to make up the whol block .. whats more all the stories are true life stories ... wud need ur contact details ... i spoke to karthik as well .. wud like to elaborate but not here ...

and btw temme what u think about this

Matangi Mawley said...


writing a poetry is indeed difficult.
i ll give you my opinion on it. one. only certain themes would appeal in poetry. so, u choose the wrong theme- u spoil it and it gets meaningless. two. rhythm. once you read your poetry aloud, it must sound pleasant to u'r ears. three. some people, i ve seen, just struggle to give rhyme at odd places. rhyme should never be "inserted". hey must flow in..
many other reasons are there.. but i would rather love to know u'r opinion on tht!

i loved the "child demanding sweets" part of u'r comment.. u r so right! bt my mom actually never denied me the sweets :) [i never liked sweets.. tht s different! ]

actually, u'r comment has helped me in finding an "end" to this story.. anonymous..

thnk u so much for tht! :)

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u! :)

Matangi Mawley said...


sure.. d try my best.. ll send tht soon..

thnk u!

Archana said...

"Anonymous" was so well written! really makes the reader think..the story was really complete by itself..but its great to that see u've come out with a sequel...i just have one thing to say...u deserve a huge round of applause!!..excellent style of writing...keep it up!

Priya said...

You blew it so well and well written.

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u!

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u! :)

Vinay said...

oh good lord u write magnificent matangi!! :) beats my poems hands-down i think!! hahah...
i am waiting for the sequel to this sequel..!! keep writing and visit my blog too when u get time!!

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u! ll sure do!

arvind1187 said...

well,i wonder if this story could end in the next tha tu have opened up the story..u can extend it to a size of book..
wonderfull..i liked the first part very much though..

Matangi Mawley said...


no.. it ll have limited number of parts.. evn i liked the 1st part..

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

a befitting sequel

Matangi Mawley said...

@ i ll try to be truthful..

thnk u!

flyingstars said...

Nice followup & the going is getting are doing a nice short thriller...wonderful writing!

Matangi Mawley said...

@flying stars..

thnk u!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

This is getting more interesting! :)

Matangi Mawley said...


:).. dont expect anythin out of it.. :).. it s jst my first attempt..

Indrajit said...

Great , Cant wait for th next one.

Nithya (நித்யா) said...

awesome sequel .. keep up the good work matangi!

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u!

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u!

fictiongirl said...

u write beautiful..

i would like ur view on my story..

hope u will give my blog a visit

Matangi Mawley said...


thnk u! ll sure do..

arunima said...

wow!! that was so engaging!!
ur d next feluda or what????? :)

Matangi Mawley said...


:) wow! tht s some praise! i m so honoured.. me feluda! seriously!

Mann said...

It is so stupid of me to ask you for the link of your story "anonymous"--- Ha Ha ---

Actually, I realize that your story got registered in my mind MORE as ANAMIKA than anonymous that is why that request--- anyway i am just laughing at myself----!!!

I found your three points about difficulty in writing poetry quite convincing and crystal clear to the core-- No doubt about them----.

In my opinion, the difference between writing a poetry and novel is the same that what you find between information and knowledge. I hope you understand what I am saying---. If not I will try to elaborate.

It is nice feeling to know that you loved the "child demanding sweets" part.

I believe, because your mom never denied you the sweets [Even you never liked them], and YOU HAVE INHERITED THIS "SWEET NATURE of being generous" OF YOUR MAMA, therefore, YOU AGREED TO THE DEMANDS OF YOUR "READERS" AND WROTE THE SEQUEL!!!

:-) HA HA HA

Don't you think so???

Keep writing---


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Matangi Mawley said...


ya.. i get tht.. crystal!


Matangi Mawley said...


k.. ll sure chk tht out!

The Lover said...

I read this twicE!! really good!!

The Lover

Matangi Mawley said...

@the lover..

thnk u!